I have been living in Tequisquiapan Mexico for one week.  “Tequis” as the locals call it is literally in the centre of Mexico and our casa is a few blocks away.  So when I told my friends that Ken and I were moving to the centre of Mexico I had no idea how true it was.

This past week has flown by, unpacking, buying a few necessary household items, meeting the neighbours, celebrating Independence Day and most of all TRYING to communicate.  Tequis is a town of 24,000 Spanish speaking people, not a tourist spot.  My neighbours speak a little, thank goodness and my housekeeper speaks non.  Needless to say there is a lot of hand gestures, apologizing and laughing (at myself).  I had a wonderful instructor in Calgary who taught me some basics but the fact is I NEED to learn Spanish!!!!

Today I ventured into the Central Plaza to walk around and see the shops.  Being daring I went to a local cafe and ordered a cafe frappe and a cookie.  While waiting, I tried and I mean tried to speak to a local lady.  Buenos tardes, como esta usted?  Wow, I thought I was doing great, then she started rattling off Spanish so quickly I panicked.  I explained in broken Spanish that I could only speak a little, my name, I have lived in Tequis. one week, my husband is working here and that we really like it.  Her name was Maria, she spoke no english, her husband a little, she was glad to meet me and gave me her telephone number so perhaps we could have coffee and teach each other.  Now that was a wonderful experience.  Bit by bit, day by day, a few words a day.

My second interesting experience was going to the local “Farmacia” because the outside of my ear is sore.  no idea why, a bite or ingrown zit????  I asked “Tu hablas englais?  No was the response I received pero hay no problema.  i explained once again that my Spanish was poor but my outer ear is sore and could I get something?  Si, antibiotico.  Hope it works!?!?

Stay tuned for my next adventure in Mexico, adios.ImageMi dos perros en mi casa