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I love the colour and details!

I love the colour and details!

Since I returned from Canada,  I have been somewhat uninspired to write on my blog.  Settling back into a “routine” and also having small renovations in my home has left me blank!

I have not been working with my students, trying my best to “teach” (which I am not) english.  I have questioned are they even interested or why should I continue.

Literally….. sitting here in front of my computer with these questions and my two dogs begin barking because there is someone at my front door.  8:30 in the evening and there before me is Eduardo, one of my shyer but eager students.  He has gifts for ME, pictures/art he has created.  I want to cry,  what a surprise!

I explain to him,  that tomorrow in class we are going to bake cookies.  A learning experience in so many ways for all of us, time, temperature, ingredients, working together, etc.  Eduardo is so happy and excited but myself even more.  This could not have happened at a more perfect time!!!!! Gracias Eduardo.

What do you think?

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