After 25 years of marriage, two kids and three dogs…..people tend to accumulate a LOT of STUFF! The big question was, what to take, what to give away, what to donate and what to just get rid of?

Although somewhat stressful, I also found the entire process therapeutic. My sister and girlfriends were the benefactors of numerous clothes and shoes (I still have too many). Some furniture sold and some passed down to our kids even if the did not necessarily want it. After organizing all of our most cherished items to move to Mexico packing had to begin.

Three days with the movers/packers and 120 plus boxes later, reality began to set in. How would our belongings be shipped and when would we receive them? Well, I have been here one week and our items still held up in storage may not be shipped for another month then 2-3 months via land and sea. So, hmm my guess is Merry Christmas time to unpack. Thank goodness the home we are renting has some fabulous furniture!
Here our a few photo’s from our recent past adventure.