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This past July I travelled back to Calgary to visit family and friends.  I also had a great time celebrating Canada Day (July 1st)!!!!!  I am proud to be a Canadian,  I love Canada but in the past have never participated in Canada Day events.

This year I read about “The Living

It was ……..  I overheard a lady speaking spanish and of course I had to meet her,  since i am currently living in Mexico and speak a limited amount of “Spanglish”.  She explained that she was visiting from Colombia but is now living in Spain and was so happy to be part of this event.  I say so, she was dressed in full Canadian regalia and bless her enthusiasm!!!


As we assembled to create this flag I became overwhelmed with gratitude for everything I have and the feeling of being proud of Canada but also happy for the life I now have in Mexico.  When everyone stood and sang “O Canada” tears ran down my face,  tears of happiness and I was not the only one.

I had such a wonderful time watching people and snapping away with my camera.  So here is how I captured the event.





Look at all the people !!!!!


This is my buddy Ela and me :),  what a great time we had.  If you are in a city who participates and you are feeling patriotic we highly suggest this event!