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IMG_1018My last post was about the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth.  Well with the help of some amazing people we decided to bring a little of that tradition south to Mexico.


This is me (in black, red hair) with my expat-gals,  thank goodness for Sam’s Club!

We thought a “Stampede Breakfast” which is a HUGE DEAL in Calgary would be fun to celebrate with our office in San Juan Del Rio.   everyone has been working hard and a break would be fun.   So we made a plan, invited all employees with spouses and children, bought food, gifts/hats/bandannas, entertainment and gathered a few cooks.

The day began early, I mean 6:00am….. my amazing neighbour Edda, my beloved husband and bless the other early risers who started preparing breakfast before the others arrived for a 7:30 am meal.  Pancakes (banana & blueberry), with real maple syrup brought from Canada in our suitcases,  bacon (turkey too), eggs with chorizo (so delicious), juice and coffee.  Unlike Stampede in Calgary NO BOOZE!

Every guest was given a Cowboy hat and bandanna, breakfast, DJ and even a bull to ride.  I LOVE the Mexican spirit, any reason to have a party/fiesta.  The event was a blast,  even the boss rode the pretend bull.

Here are some pic’s of the event ……


Oh oh oh,  which hats to buy, they are all so cool!

IMG_1176 IMG_1180

Edda & Ken flipping pancakes and they were delicious!IMG_1184Preparing the delicious combination of food!  Thank you Karla & Janett

IMG_1185 The best dressed couple goes to Ernst & ElisabethIMG_1207 My buddy OctavioIMG_1208 Uh oh, trouble!IMG_1262 Happy facesIMG_1264 IMG_1265Winner of the best Mexican/Stampede outfit.

IMG_1275 IMG_1376 IMG_1295 Riding the bull, way to go FernandoIMG_1364 GuapoIMG_1031