Expat Spouses or “The Other Half”


I was not sure what photo to insert on my blog, so here I am with my husband taken at last years Christmas party.  Before all the hoopla of moving to another country and no idea of what an expat wife really entails.  I say “expat wife” only because in my situation it is all women no expat male spouses.

My husband is in charge of all existing projects in Mexico and any new developments.  I will not say what he does as it’s not necessary.  However we did think our term would be 2-3 years but now more like 5-6.

The expat wife: ( I am sure others can relate and have numerous stories)

– organize what is going to be moved or not

– cleaning out the house, getting rid of tons of “stuff”, selling, garage sale, give away, dump

– selling the house?  even more work, that has to be cleaned etc.

– all sorts of paperwork to be completed before moving

– seeing a doctor, dentist, etc and trying to find new ones

– if you have children, new schools or are you leaving adult children behind?

– finding a new home

– pets?  do i take or leave behind?

– setting up banking in a new country

– trying to learn a new language

– where do i purchase groceries, pharmacy etc

– leaving friends behind  trying to make new friends

– waiting for your items to arrive from home country

– feeling lonely because your spouse may be working long hours

– feeling isolated, dependent upon someone else, depressed etc

These are SOME and there are more, feelings or decisions that most expat wives are left to take care of.  I thought in the last few weeks before moving that I was going crazy!!!!  I am sure all of my friends and family say this was true.

My spouse also moved to Mexico a month before me so I was left to “finish up”.  Looking back at that moment I actually did not like my spouse, it was not fun but I did survive.

NOW……..At this point in time there are 8-10 expat spouses (more to arrive).  I have met all but one spouse, soon I hope.  There have been separate events for all expats, the first a “meet & greet dinner”.  We discussed safety, security and roles. The second event was at our home which was a casual buffet.  A guest speaker discussed how to handle a move, stress, fitting in.  I also spoke on a situation that happened in Mexico City regarding safety.

My goal is to have a monthly event for all expats and weekly casual get together for the spouses.  It’s a thought, we will see how it works out?  The next meeting is for expat spouses (wives), Dec. 18th coffee and muffins in the office boardroom.  I want to make sure everyone has met and then discuss any concerns (feelings, language barriers, needs, assisting each other, where do we fit in and SOLUTIONS).  My goal is to form a strong group of expat women, who are happy, fulfilled and can give back to the community.

2 thoughts on “Expat Spouses or “The Other Half””

  1. Excellent! You are a born leader and with your vivacious personality everyone will jump on board. You are also always willing to be open with your heart and it helps others to do so as well. Lucky Mexico!

  2. Hola, como estas? I trust this finds you well. I am nominating your blog for the Liebster Blog Award. I find you truly inspiring as you make your journey in Mexico and make a home for you and your spouse. I hope you will accept this nomination. Please follow the link below.


    Best wishes on your journey.

    Mucho Gusto, Constance

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