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In my last post I expressed my feelings concerning air travel and the problems.  However,  I do feel the positive out weighs the negative.  Every year, (normally in July) I return to where I grew up, Picton Ontario Canada.  A small town of 4,000 in Southern Ontario about 2 hours east of Toronto.  Picturesque, quaint, friendly and my family.  My mom and my sister live there but my bro and his lady live north of Toronto.

This visit was to surprise my Mom for her 70th birthday,  which she was.  I arrived at her home 8:30 am.  She had NO idea and was so happy!  the photo above is me stopping along the 401 freeway at 7am for a needed coffee (30 hours no sleep).  The photo below is Mom and I.

IMG_0183Another reason I love to travel, is to see my sister Fay.  Fay is 1 year younger and severely handicapped.  She cannot feed, groom or clean herself and lives in a group home.  She gets to visit my Mom 3 days a month (overnight) with the assistance of some amazing “red cross” women.  Bless their hearts, they work very hard!  It was by chance that Fay was visiting during my time there.

IMG_0138Words cannot express the feelings I have for my sister.  She has been a blessing an inspiration in my life.  There have been numerous times she has been so sick and we had prepared ourselves for the worst.  Somehow-someway and certainly for some reason she is here.  I believe to show us strength, compassion, love and faith.

IMG_0142Fay being lifted by a harness after sitting and hugging me xo.

IMG_0124Fay’s favourite colour is red, so I brought her a traditional blouse from Mexico.  So pretty!


This is what happens when she gets excited, her big toe always curls up, ha ha ha.

IMG_0178Another reason…… Oh my God, the lilacs the smell is divine.

This week has been so good.  I have spent quality time with Mom and Fay and in 2 days I shall be heading home to Mexico.  I will return in July ……. “Girl-time”,  this is when us 3 sisters celebrate our birthdays, July7/8/18th.  Our poor bro Charles, his is in January but he celebrates with us.

I hear lot’s of different stories about “families” some good some not so much.  Every family has difficulties and challenges but also love and I would not change mine for the world!

I love you Mom, Fay, Kim and Charles.  Ken, Talia, Jason.  Laura, Kura. Lori & Hubert.