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IMG_0116Okay,  here I sit waiting not so patiently for my flight.  The Air Canada flight was supposed  to leave at 6:30 pm.  Once we boarded (late) and were seated we were told there was a problem, with one of the screens.  I am not at all sure what that means but better safe than sorry.  A mechanic replaced the part, 3/4 of an hour late we were set to go.  Taxing down the runway we almost made it however no such luck.

Sorry folks we need to return another problem, not good.  30 minutes later we were asked to disembark and given a 10.00 food voucher.  Thanks Air Canada/United for your generosity but now all the food kiosks are closing and people are getting upset.

So…… here I sit with a stale chicken sandwich, a bottle of water and my trusted computer.  It could always be worse but I sure would like a glass of wine right about now.