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DSC_6330It finally all came together!  Our group of Expats Ladies were able to co-ordinate the toy/school supply donation drive.  Large boxes were set up in 2 field offices and Mexico City, also a letter was distributed to employees explaining the event and what we needed.  There were approximately   70 students at the school age ranging from 6-12 years however we did not the details of specific ages and gender.

DSC_6331I was also given a substantial amount of money from employees,  to purchase more toys.  What fun!!!!!!!  Toys, books, games, art supplies etc all for “The Day of the Child”.

DSC_6340I was quite overwhelmed with the generosity from the people in the office in San Juan Del Rio but the very best part was receiving “after photo’s” from the school.  There was one photo of a little girl happily holding a new doll – that makes it worthwhile!

DSC_6350Not sure if these items were delivered by helicopter or van???