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DSC_3069Last Thursday,  my friend Cecilia Prado invited me to her school.  The public school is in Tequisquiapan, central Mexico and has over 800 students.  The older students were doing a presentation on all of the states in Mexico.  Each group did a verbal presentation in english and spanish, food from the state and traditional clothing.  I had no idea what to expect????

DSC_3044The food was delicious and I was amazed at the variety, yummy!  Chocolate cake,  it was gone before I got to it.

DSC_3107Different juices,  I think this was jugo de jamaica (flowers) and tasty treats.

DSC_3053Traditional clothing,  which I loved to see.

DSC_3056This was my favourite dress!

DSC_3371Details of the pants.

DSC_3331So interesting!

DSC_3380every single school has guys like this,  even in the olden days when I went to school!


DSC_3061More music

DSC_3357Bonita chicas!


DSC_3414Enjoying the food!