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DSC_6176The other day I was outside playing around in my flower beds (pots), a little weeding – a little watering.  For the past week I had noticed a lot of bird action around one of my ferns, well look what I happily discovered.  Quite amazing and beautiful!  i am surprised as the plant is in front of my kitchen window and there’s always lots going on.  This has not seemed to bother mother and father birds at all, they merely come and go as they please.  I have been very careful not to disturb the nest but every day I am curious to the progress of the eggs.  I have no idea what type of bird is dwelling in that tiny little nest, grey/brown with a red chest????  The eggs are tiny,  about the size of a man’s thumbnail, so precious!

Spring, spring, spring ….. there are many pregnancies and births of employees at my husbands office.  I am beginning to feel like a “gramma”, good practice I suppose.

I will keep you posted on the progress.  Happy spring 🙂