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la fotoThis photo was taken last Friday in a very remote town in the State of Hidalgo Mexico.  The company my husband works with flew in by helicopter because  they wanted to view the terrain where they will be constructing a pipeline.  Clearing the right of way and digging for the pipeline is going to be very difficult because of the steepness of the mountains.  After viewing the area from above the decided to land in the valley where the pipeline will cross a riverbed.  Here in this remote area is a tiny pueblo and the arrival of a helicopter is a rare occurrence.

Upon landing, many children rushed to the helicopter carrying paper signs.  Please help, we need computers for our school, do not pollute-help our school.  I think the three employees from ———– were quite overwhelmed and decided they need to help in some form.  The teacher from the local school explained that they could use many things, school supplies, computers, a new roof?

After their return Friday, the men shared their experiences of the day with me.  Right away I knew not only the company and the contractors could help but the wives as well.    Since arriving in Mexico I wanted to volunteer or help in some way but the language was somewhat of a barrier.  I spoke to the one of the company directors explaining that I sincerely wanted to be part of this project to help the school.  To me,  this is what an “Expat” is,  since I am retired.  I also feel very strongly that any company should give back to the community in some form.

Right away I e-mailed the other spouses and any contacts I could think of explaining the situation.  I felt my adrenaline and overwhelming urge to do something, to make a difference to help.  The response was good,  the ladies were willing and ready.

Tomorrow we are meeting to come up with a plan of attack ……….. I will keep you posted on our progress.  I am so excited!!!!!!!