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So,  here we are and I love it!  Tequisquiapan, Queretaro in the heart of Mexico.  I want to express why I love it because and unfortunately many people who have never been to Mexico have a negative image.  The media plays a very bad part in this, danger-be afraid-bad things will happen etc.  Just like any other Country, there is danger…… depending upon where you are and what you are doing.  Many problems have to do with drugs and this is usually contained in the border towns.  This is also a major problem in the United States but many people seem to focus on Mexico.  I mean really, if the U.S. and Canada did not want the drugs then maybe there would be less of a problem.  ENOUGH said regarding that topic.

Reasons Why I Love Central Mexico

–  People are friendly and they look you in the eye and smile

–  Mexicans hug and kiss you when they greet you

–  Mexicans love to celebrate!!!!!

–  Family is very important

–  Less stress,  things will eventually get done

–  The weather, the landscape, the sky

–  Fresh produce, cheap as well as flowers

–  People just seem happier, even if they have very little

–  Mexicans are always willing to share what they have with you

–  The history and culture, amazing!

–  Art/crafts/pottery and furniture

–  Tequila, there is  a good reason right there

I think these are some pretty good reasons!!!!!!