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IMG_0508March 21st is Spring Equinox, the day is equally divided between light and darkness.  It is celebrated throughout the world,  however it is very important here in Mexico.  We are in Tequisquiapan which is central Mexico, located high on a plateau between the Sierra Gordo Mountains.  We are also very close to “Pena de Bernal”, the 3rd largest monolith in the world.  March 21st is “an energy” focused day, energy from the sun and also a cleansing of the past year.  In Pena it is customary to dress all in white and climb the mountain.  I believe this to be very sacred.

I did not climb Pena!  I thought it would be a good idea for anyone in the office (where my husband works) to dress in white and partake in a yoga class.  Well as always there are some who wish to partake and others not so much.  No big deal ……  off we went to the outdoor area.  Our Kundalini instructor took us through an hour ceremony explaining “the equinox”, energy flow, breathe, relaxation etc.

I took a few photo’s but did not photograph the yoga session as I did not want to interrupt.  It was a wonderful experience and I am very happy to have been part of this experience.  One of the perks of an Expat 🙂

IMG_0514 IMG_0516

Don’t we look happy, I love it!  Anna, did all the work organizing this event.IMG_0521

Beautiful women!

IMG_0525 Lighting the Koppel for the ceremony.IMG_0528 IMG_0534 Our kundalini instructor.IMG_0536Words and cleansing.

IMG_0540 I love this photo because of the smiles on their faces!IMG_0541What a fantastic experience.