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I have been living in our rental home for 6 months now.  The house is over 30 years old, located in central Mexico and is quite traditional.  I love it but it does have a few quirks such as a fountain in the middle of the main floor (we don’t use it), brightly coloured tiles (bright!!!!), oven that does not work (chocolate-brown), 4 showers but low water pressure, etc.  This is why we chose this home because it was different and the first time I saw it, I knew it was for us.

Concerning the shower (main bathroom), we thought we would buy a nice modern shower head (energy conserving) but this did not work, still little pressure.  So after 6 months, I purchased a cheap head and replaced it myself.  No problem, it works great and I have pressure.  Yeah, I did it.

IMG_0490Fancier head but did not work out so well and I did say bright tiles.

IMG_0483New, basic head and works great!!!!!!!