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IMG_0325Not a Gramma yet but this little chica is so adorable!!!!!

After posting my blog yesterday, I have been thinking more about what it means to me to be an “expat”.  Today I am in my home, nursing a cold with natural remedies.  This opportunity makes it easy to sit down and blog then continue with Spanish homework!

When Ken and I were contemplating moving from Canada to Central Mexico, one of my biggest concerns was leaving family and friends.  I am not the type of woman to have lots of girlfriends, I have never been.  However, in Calgary I had a few truly wonderful and trusting friends. I should not say “had” as they are and always will be my friends.  I certainly wondered if  I would meet anyone, would language be a barrier, did I trust anyone or did I really even want to put myself out there?  Well you never know if you do not try.

Living in Mexico so far has been very interesting.  We are learning about ancient cultures, history, art, food, “Mexican time”, language, work, etc etc etc.  It has been fun, fulfilling, frustrating, happy, (im)patient, sad, dependence/independence and overcoming fears.  This past 6 months has been very exciting.

I have met so many different people and the one thing I will say is the Mexican culture is warm and welcoming.  People are friendly and if you try to speak a little Spanish even better.  We have been invited to numerous parties and there is always a reason to party here in Mexico!  Invitations to breakfast, lunch, dinner, Birthday parties, holiday celebrations, baby showers and our first wedding celebration.  I cannot wait.  I truly believe when people invite you into their personal lives, that is an honour, a gift.  I certainly never thought one year ago that my life would be like this and I would not change anything.

Do I miss my Canadian friends???? Each and every day, that will never change.  I am thankful that we live in time of technology, Facebook/Skype/face time etc.  There is always a way to keep in touch……. from the very centre of Mexico to Canada.

Good friends are there no matter what.

These are some of the people in Mexico that Ken and I have been lucky to make friends with.

IMG_0036 Karla and Illysa, working hard!IMG_0039 IMG_0038 Marcos (top) and Jose who have driven me so many places, great men.DSC_2875 Cecillia, who helps in my home.  My dog Chico adores her.IMG_0319 Some of the kind and beautiful women in the office, that’s me on the end.IMG_0014 My amazing neighbour Edda, who from day 1 introduced herself, showed me all around town and is always there.  IMG_0295My Maestra Griselda, who is teaching me Spanish.  Thank goodness she is patient, funny and so very pleasant to be around.

IMG_0133Raoul, the owner of the house we are renting, posing here with the “Tree of Life” he painted.

IMG_0082Melissa, who was one of the first people I met.  I knew she was pregnant before she did 🙂

IMG_0479Ken, myself, Susanna and Fernando.  Fernando helped me to buy a car,  he did an unbelievable amount of work.

DSC_2891Grace, Mario, Jan and Marcos.  Mario Mizrahi “artist extraordinaire” invited us to his home.