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Dictionary:  “A person who lives outside their native Country”.

Our group of women:  A person(s) living outside their native Country as a “guest” in another Country.

So what exactly does that mean?  After many discussions, these were our opinions and feelings,  applying to our situation.

We have been given the gift of a unique opportunity to live and work in a different Country.  I do not wish to talk about what “the company” is doing in Mexico or how they may be adding to the economic growth etc.   Or, we do not want to discuss the settling in process, the differences from our home Countries or a list of numerous other topics.   Rather to express what we believe an “expats responsibility” when you are in another country working.

– We are guests therefore act as one.

– Treat everyone with respect or as you wish to be treated.

– When living abroad the Company may have certain rules or regulations that need to be followed, especially for safety.  You are there representing the company at all times.

– Your economic level or education may be far different from your native Country, be mindful of this.  However, it does not give a person any reason to act in a superior manner, once again respect.

– Try to learn the language of the Country,  which for some of us can be difficult.

– Give something back to the community, volunteer/teach english etc.

– Try new food, meet people, go different places and most of all HAVE FUN!