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Crated and wrapped 3 times, wow!!!!  Good thing we had our cordless drill.IMG_0286

Chaise for reading…….  customized to whatever you want.IMG_0287 IMG_0288

I absolutely love the details and the leather is SUAVE!!!!!!  When I saw the table below on their web-site, it was shown in turquoise and red but I wanted creme and natural for our bedroom.  No problem!IMG_0290

When Ken and I first moved to Mexico and were settling in to our new home (rental), I thought we should add a few pieces of furniture.  I wanted items that were made in Mexico and something different.  After searching “tienda por muebles” with no luck I decided to search the web.  Anything is possible right?

I came across a designer by the name of Jorge Kurczyn, try to pronounce that last name!  His designs are Spanish Colonial – Western – Copper and some Ironwork.  Everything is made by hand,  you can customize every piece and the workmanship is outstanding.  His factory is located in central Mexico and I believe another in Texas (not sure on that).  Many of the pieces have been made especially for Haciendas and collectors of fine custom furniture.  Also a lot of the pieces are quite large but that is not a problem for them,  they are willing to create whatever you may desire.I was quite overwhelmed when I went through the web-site.  I wanted two bedside tables and a chaise lounge for “reading”.

When I initially contacted the company by email, explaining what I wanted, colours, fabric etc,  Shari responded right away.  I was sent samples of leather, suede and painted wood with different colour combinations.  I was also clearly shown the prices and breakdown of all expenses including shipping costs.  I gave half deposit upon ordering and was told it would take about 3-4 weeks for manufacturing and this was during Christmas Holidays!!!!  True to their word everything was ready to be shipped after 4 weeks, I was very impressed.  The pieces arrived crated, wrapped in plastic, cardboard and foam, I have never seen such care in shipping!  The crates were held together by hundreds of screws not nails, thank God I brought our cordless drill.

After unpacking and carefully inspecting my new pieces, everything was perfect.  Yes, my furniture is a little different but exactly what I wanted with beautiful workmanship.   The furniture looks great with our other pieces we brought from Canada.  To me, they are considered ART.   I have to say it was a pleasure working with Shari, who looks after all orders.  I highly recommend Jorge Kurczyn to anyone wishing to purchase something unique and furniture they will have forever.  Check out the website ………….