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I love to drive and have been doing so since I was 14 years old when my father threw me the keys and said “drive”!  So,  I have been driving for over 35 years.

Driving gives me a sense of freedom, independence and pure joy.  Since moving to Mexico I have NOT driven at all.  There are many reasons why (1) I did not have a vehicle,  we sold our 2 vehicles when we left Canada.  (2) I did not know the area where I am living.  (3) Safety, almost anything goes in Mexico.  many people simply do not have a driver’s license, no insurance, a vehicle that is not maintained, overloaded with many people, bald tires etc etc.  I have seen a pick-up truck with 15 people standing in the back.  You really do have to have “eyes in the back of your head” when driving because you need to be aware of…….people, animals, pot-holes and the dreaded TOPE.  A tope is basically a speed bump which can be erected by anyone and does not necessarily have a sign warning you.  there are 10 topes from my house to my husband’s office.

I have been living in Tequisquiapan for almost 6 months and finally have my own car, yeah.  Buying a car was a long process but that is another blog.  Today was the day “ON MY OWN”, for me it was a big deal!  Many people will laugh but hey this was new for me. Heading out in my new VW 2013 Beetle,  I felt both excited and nervous.  I did not drive so far……. only to the next town, San Juan Del Rio where the office is located (20 minutes away).  I DID IT, no problems.  I felt like a new woman 🙂  I cannot wait until tomorrow.


My new baby!