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DSC_8200I do not have any photo’s of the Calgary or Houston airports, so I thought I would insert a travel photo from Paris.

If someone can please explain why a Nexus card is so helpful?  I have one and I agree it will get you through security lines so much faster.  However,  with the intense interview process, and all the background checking, that you go through to obtain it, you would think travel would be a breeze.  Not so.

My recent trip from Mexico to Calgary,  Canada via Houston was not so pleasant concerning security.  My suitcase tagged, checked priority,  straight through to Calgary.  When I arrived in Houston, the customs agent asked me to “go to the right” which was different from the other passengers.  I walked to a large room where everyone’s suitcases were being torn apart.  There was one other “Business Man” who had been on the same flight ahead of me and neither of us had suitcases.  How odd we thought?  When it was my turn,  I presented my passport and the officer (for lack of a better word) told me they were going to pull my suitcase and go through it.  Now, my next flight was within an hour so I nicely asked what if I miss my connecting flight.

“Oh well, you can rebook” was his snide remark.  I am sure you know what I was thinking at that point.

The other gentleman and I shared a few comments and watched as this officer spoke on a telephone with our precious passports in his hand.  Within a few moments he returned only to explain that they could not locate them.  WTF, so we were actually very lucky to proceed to our flight.

So yes, I am sure whomever he spoke to said we both had our NEXUS cards.  Why the hassle?

This morning returning to Mexico the customs agent made sure I had to go through extra screening and NO ONE can explain why????

Maybe it’s the red hair,  the joys of travel.