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Middle of February,  Calgary Alberta Canada……plus 8 degrees.  I do believe I have brought the wonderful, warm Mexico weather north.  Lucky me!

I was feeling slightly,  “homesick” even though Calgary is no longer my home.  I wanted to see and hug my children and certainly share stories with my amazing girlfriends.  It’s strange driving around our old neighbourhood,  checking to see what the new family has done to the house we lived in for over 14 years.  Not much.

I do not miss the house and I do not even miss the neighbourhood,  although it is a very cool one.  I do miss my children and friends and perhaps the convenience of knowing where everything is that I need.  It is quite amazing how quickly a person can adapt to a new setting and move on with their life.  After 5 months of living in Mexico I feel “home”, I am content in Tequisquiapan.

So, as the saying goes……Home Is Where You Make It!

I get to enjoy one week in Calgary, staying with my daughter and girlfriends.  I know there will be many new stories  from this week but I am not going to share those.  Some things need to stay in the vault (right Pam?).

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