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Beautiful blue sky!DSC_5317 I have written about Pen de Bernal in previous posts, so I will not ramble on. However yesterday (holiday Monday) was an absolute beautiful sunny day. We thought it would be a great idea to hike Pena instead or working out at home on the treadmill.
Pena is about a 20 minute drive away and is home to the third largest monolith in the world. Not sure what a “monolith is”….google!
Any way, there were literally hundreds of people, young and old even a few dogs hiking the mountain. It was great exercise, we saw a lot, I took many photo’s and then we had a hearty breakfast. A perfect day.

A bit of a climb and well worth it.DSC_5337

It is difficult to tell the perspective as I shot him close up but he is about 1/3 – 1/2 way up the mountain.DSC_5375

Mmmm breakfast:  chicken, beans and salsa.