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No complaints

A joyous way to begin the new year.

DSC_40362012, What a year and I am so glad you are over! It began with the passing of a very special family member, Jean Tilske.  Jean was my Mother (in law), I adored, loved, trusted and admired her.  I could always count on her no matter what.  She was full of energy, spirit, creativity, loved to cook, sew, travel and dance.  I remember the first thing she told me when Ken and I began dating…..keep your girlfriends!!!!!!!  Each and every day I miss her but I know her strong spirit is with me (all of our family).

After dealing with this tragedy, Transcanada Pipeline “Keystone XL” was put on hold by the US Government.  My husband Ken was one of the Directors on the project and became uncertain of what the future may hold?  Again….one never knows what the future entails.  We were offered a position in Central Mexico (short version) and after negotiations with the Company we decided to sell our home, leave our kids-friends and move.  This was a huge decision for us, we knew our lives would now be very different.  Spending Christmas with our small family, stitches, attitudes, personalities and differences.

The months have blended together…..travel, visiting family.  My dear Sister Faye who turned 50 in July.  Faye is severely handicapped (birth) and supposedly would live to perhaps 12?????  Our children which are now adults, living their lives.  Celebrating our 25th Anniversary in Italy and Greece (I would go back to Italy in a heart beat).  Packing up and saying farewell to Calgary, the city I have known for 32 years.  Becoming an “expat spouse” and all that may be?  Trying to find where I fit in and my new role in a new Country.

Yes…… life is quite different.  There are times when I am so happy, I feel so blessed to be living where there is no snow (just what I wanted).  Some days I miss my family and girlfriends so much I want to curl up into a ball and cry!  There are days when I am full of energy and enthusiasm and could take on the world but others where  I want to hide and talk to no one.   Days when I am so angry/f..mad trying to get things done but it just will not work out.  I want to learn Spanish and some days I am merely frustrated trying to learn a new language.  I want to hear about my spouses work then I do not wish to hear about any antics of the employees!!!! Good days – bad days – happy – sad – frustrated – excited – lonely – content – loss of independence – where do I fit in, all of my feelings.

In this past year……..  I have learned that “I am not alone!”.  We are all on a journey, I will call it an EXPAT JOURNEY.  If we want to make the best of it, then we need to come together, share experiences. support each other and for goodness sake make the best of life!  My goals and wishes for 2013 are:  exercise, travel, learn the language (Spanish) and embrace the culture, make time for those I love, blog and my passion photography. So….2013 i know you are going to be a crazy year……bring it on!


Stitches, Christmas day in Puerta Vallarta, ouch.