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The reason I created this blog was to write about my (and others along the way) experiences as an expat(s) living in Central Mexico. Up until this point it has been snippets not really dealing with adjusting to life in a new Country.  Photo’s and comments on more of the fun things I have experienced.

Tonight my husband and I are hosting an event to meet all of the expats, people from Canada, Argentina, Russia, Italy, Columbia and the USA.  There are singles as well as couples with young children, some pregnant and giving birth to their first child soon after arriving.  This is our first of monthly events/meetings.  This evening our agenda deals with safety, health, creating a strong work team, spousal support as well as any other concerns.  I think we are breaking ground, trying something a little new and hoping to form a strong group in all areas. My main concern is for the spouses, we are all moving to a new country and starting a new life.  How do we adjust to this??????

So now my blog begins to change and take direction.  When Ken and I decided to make this total change to our lives, I searched the internet for “Expat” information.  There was very little and nothing about Mexico.  Therefore I would like to share our experiences, difficulties, concerns, frustrations, hopes, wishes, laughs etc.  Hopefully to help any other expats that are beginning a new journey and are not sure what to do, because it will happen.

I am looking forward to this evening……………………….