Last Friday I had the pleasure of visiting “Pena de Bernal” for the second time. Pena is situated in central Mexico, State of Queretaro which is an easy drive from my hood of Tequisquiapan say 20 minutes. The village is famous for it’s rock outcrop or Monolith, some say the third largest in the world. Once per year people from all over Mexico travel to Pena to pay homage to this sacred place. Dressed only in white, people climb the monolith in search of peace, serenity, health or long life. Many say life span in Bernal exceeds 90?!?
All I know is I felt “tranquil”, no stress, more of a happy relaxed state as I wondered around the town. My friend Karla and I thought it would be fun to climb “B” but the day was sunny and hot so we merely hung around the base.
Pena is a wonderful place to spend the day or a weekend. My camera was playing havoc, a few photo’s……..

this building makes me think of Birthday cake??????

Pena in the background.

The Hotel above was a family home built in the 1800’s and is now a boutique Hotel.  The family had 16 children!!!!!!

Pena also has many shops…….art, pottery, hand loomed weaving, ceramics, queso. candy from goat milk and “fire opals”. Pena is the perfect place to chill, stay a day or a weekend.