When i moved to Tequis. I thought a good way to meet people, learn the language plus maybe get into better shape was join a gym.  This is my gym or cardio/pilates studio.  Nothing fancy, one exercise room, no change room and no fancy equipment.  I can walk, only 8 minutes from my house so no excuses!

I decided to try Zumba dance which I have never tried before, Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:00am.  Pilates sounded pretty good so after Zumba on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00am.  Good start…….

THEN I met Selena, she is the morning instructor.  Sel. I want to call her speaks a little english, certainly more than I speak Spanish and is very friendly, personable and a kick ass instructor.  I do not know her teaching background but she definitely has a dance background, that gal can move her hips!  Well I have survived my first few classes but it is an excellent cardio workout and the pilates class varies each time (some mat, fitness ball etc).  Everyone which I should say  all the women are friendly and certainly put up with my limited Spanish…..as long as I try!  I love going, lots of fun.

Yesterday I met Selena’s beautiful daughter and her father.  Family is very important here.  I have been invited for coffee and visit a group of people who want to practice their english/spanish.  I think it is at someone’s home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday early evenings…….sounds good to me.

I also have a standing date with my neighbour Edda on Tuesday and thursday afternoons at 4:30, she is to speak only english and I only Spanish.  This should be fun(funny ha ha).

Until later, health and happiness.