24 hours in Mexico City……we arrived Sunday afternoon, only a 2 hour drive from Tequisquiapan with no traffic problems.  Mmmmm what to do, so many choices.  The hotel which we are very lucky to stay in is situated in the Polanka district of DF.  After checking in, we decided to walk over to one of the close malls and purchase a few necessities.  Sheets, a second set for our new bed, a bottle of tequila and a bottle of mescal.  I know, only the sheets are necessities but we had to try the other two.  What is the difference between mescal and tequila???  I had to google to find out. This is the architecture of the mall, very cool.  Should be understood that only a small percentage of Mexicans are able to shop here, expensive!!

I also walked around the Polanko area looking at the architecture, which is amazing. You can see, Colonial, Baroque, Modern and more, I wish I had more time.

My biggest adventure was trying to get my haircut?  I decided the easiest place would be at the salon in my hotel so I booked an appointment thru the concierge.  When it came time to cut, the young lady spoke no english and all the reference books she had were from the 80’s, uh oh!  Well the front desk guy was super helpful, he said computer????  My response was Michelle Williams, so he found a photo.  Trusting this young gal to chop off my hair from looking at the photo worked out just fine.  Now i am back to low maintenance hair and it feels great.

4:00 pm better leave the city before traffic gets crazy and in a city of 30 million well enough said.  Until later.