Yesterday Ken and I headed off early in the day to San Juan Del Rio to check out the market. SJDR is about 20 minutes away and the drive is very nice, no heavy transport trucks allowed on the road.

The market is situated close to downtown and beside the railway track (not sure if the tracks are used anymore).  Well, it was packed, just trying to find a place to safely park your car was a fiasco.  No no, I meant fun!!!!!

There are vendors lined up outside as well as an inside market.  You can purchase just about anything…….. Fruits, veggies, meat, flowers, spices, cleaning products, makeup, videos, clothing, dogs and even baby chicks. Image

In the photo, you can see the baby chicks.  Some are painted bright colours, which I am not sure why?  The vendor is holding a plastic bottle and tapping the box to make the chicks chirp.  I have NEVER seen anything like this before.  Only in Mexico they say!!!!
We bought 2 bags full of produce, bananas/broccoli/poblano chilies/baby zucchini and carrots all for $4.00 Canadian. I say that is pretty darn great, of course everything has to be washed when we get home.
A fun and interesting experience, one that we will repeat.
Today (domingo) we are off to Mexico City (DF), this will be most exciting.

Thanks for reading my posts, haste luego.