Sunday (Domingo) evening in “Tequis.” we took a casual stroll into the Central Plaza to check out what was happening. Close to our home is very quiet but as we became closer to central lots of people were out and about enjoying the beautiful evening. My spouse and I decided to have a quick nibble at an Italian restaurant, but my favourite was the lemonada. Life is good!!!
Tequisquiapan is over 300 years old, narrow cobblestone streets and colonial architecture. Some homes are well maintained and others just merely left to be.
The photo of the lady with the baskets I really like because it shows life in this town. So many people try to make a living by selling their crafts, food etc. These baskets were beautiful, hand-made and not expensive compared to Canadian prices. She was seated directly across from the restaurant and we watched quite a few people stop by and purchase from her. I did buy some baskets but earlier in the day at the weekend “Artist Market”. My prizes were a large laundry hamper, 2 oblong baskets to hold beauty products and one tortilla basket. I did see a very cool woven basket with a lock to hold 3 wine bottles.
Adios my amigos.