Bronze art in Mexico City


It is 7:30 am, I am sitting having my morning strong morning coffee.  The sun is barely risen and I am contemplating what I am going to achieve today?  Morning number 3 in my new home,  my new country……Tequisquiapan, Queretaro, Mexico.  Everything is new, exciting, like a new love(r)!  If someone would have told me 6 months ago this would be my life,  no way. Never in my wildest dreams (even though it was a mindful intent).   So, how the hell did a retired redhead end up here??????

In the back of my mind I have always wished for a home where the weather is warm, no snow to shovel or heavy winter coats to wear.  The thought of having a patio with year round live plants, perhaps a lime tree and an afternoon siesta in a hammock built for two was not in my life plan.  A few years ago I began doing hot yoga and also opening my mind to the power of “intentions”.  Before each session, sitting peacefully on my mat I would say a silent prayer.  Health and happiness for family and friends, appreciation for life, count my many many blessings, but also a longing for a life where the pace is a bit slower, relationships are placed high on the priority scale, the weather is always pleasant and perhaps that lime tree.

Since January we (myself, husband and two adult children) have experienced the death of a very close and cherished family member, major job project being put on hold, and an offer of a new job in a new country and a new culture!  After much thought, my dear husband and I decided to “break out of the box”!  We sold our home of many wonderful years, sold our vehicles, got rid of STUFF and said adios to our children and friends.  We look at this adventure as a blessing and a challenge, learning a new language and a new way of life.  So the journey begins……..  My husband working in a new environment trying endlessly to speak Spanish and myself the “Queen Bee”, so I have been told.  Two expats in Mexico, this is the second half of my life and I would love to share my experiences and visual images.